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inspires, uplifts, empowers and teaches

Rap music incorporated with community addictions training


3 Time Canadian Aboriginal Music Award winning sober Cree rapper and music producer

Over 20 years experience in the rap music industry
Founding member of War Party (era 1995 - 2005) first native rap group with a video on Much Music
Watch the ground breaking video

I'm Feelin' Reserved

2002 Canadian Aboriginal Music Award for Best Video
As a result of a history of colonization, isolation, poverty and language barriers, abuse of substances (especially alcohol and solvents) is more common in northern and remote communities. These communities are also more vulnerable to suicide, violence and poor performance in schools.
First Nations communities participating in a national survey between 2008 and 2010 reported that alcohol and drug abuse were the number one challenge for community well-ness faced by on-reserve communities (82.6% of respondents)

​​ The Canadian Center on Substance Abuse and Addiction

Political and socially conscious rap songs 
addressing colonialism, genocide, systemic racism, substance abuse, suicide and poverty 
Creating positive change breaking cycles and stereotypes
Listen to So Hard to Say Good-bye
Rex is a dynamic artist, powerful speaker and his significant artistic body of work make him a sought after guest speaker. We were very honored to have him with us. - Cipher5 Academy

Music Mentorship

Artistic leadership and empowerment

Part inspiration Part prevention Part entertainment

Music Speaks Concert Workshop

Dispelling Indigenous Stereotypes 2018

Community Addictions Training


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