I speak through my life

I broke ground with War Party as a native rapper in Canada 
now I break unhealthy cycles healing as a sober First Nations father

I am an award winning rapper and music producer I help through my uplifting heart hitting music & message

Rex is a dynamic artist, powerful speaker and his significant artistic body of work make him a sought after guest speaker.
We were very honored to have him with us. -
Cipher5 Academydemy

​Artistic inspiration designed to help & empower

**Concert Workshops**

I take from my own experience of overcoming alcoholism and domestic abuse to serve as example of positive and healthy personal growth.

I combine rap music with Community Addictions Training (CAT)
from the Nechi Institute  to address issues such as colonization, cultural genocide, substance abuse and suicide.

Out in the Open
​(Domestic Abuse Prevention)

The only way we can begin to heal is not being afraid to talk about it.

​​ Spousal violence more prevalent among Aboriginal people, especially women

According to the  GSS , Aboriginal people (9%) were more than twice as likely as non-Aboriginal people (4%) to report experiencing spousal violence in the previous five years. In particular, Aboriginal women (10%) were more likely to be victimized by current or former partners, compared with non-Aboriginal women (3%).

I was a victim of domestic violence as a child and regretfully I repeated the same harmful cycle of abuse in my adult relationships.

As a result I was charged and then incarcerated.  I took responsibility in court for my hurtful behavior and I made a choice to stop repeating the cycle of abuse through sobriety. I found help for myself through counselling and support groups.

As part of my healing process I share my story of breaking the cycle of domestic abuse to help anyone who might be struggling with violence.

The Spirit Within
(Strength & Success through Sobriety)

   As a result of a history of colonization, isolation, poverty and language barriers, abuse of substances (especially alcohol and solvents) is more common in northern and remote communities. These communities are also more vulnerable to suicide, violence and poor performance in schools.
First Nations communities participating in a national survey between 2008 and 2010 reported that alcohol and drug abuse were the number one challenge for community well-ness faced by on-reserve communities (82.6% of respondents)

After struggling with and overcoming my own addiction to alcohol while working at a bar in Vancouver's down town east side for 9 years I went on to complete my Community Addictions Training at the Nechi Instiute. 

It is my goal to share the combined knowledge and insight I have gained with my real world experience along with the skills and education from my training. 

I've learned that it takes having a strong spirit, love for yourself and having a good sense of direction in life. 

​I want to help people struggling with addiction to strengthen their approach towards sobriety. ​​

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