Music is a very powerful means to communicate feelings, emotions and to paint a picture for the listener. First Nation's have relied heavily on oral history to pass their culture, traditions and stories to the next generations. Rap music serves as a unique opportunity to continue the age old tradition through the art of Storytelling set to the sound of hip-hop music.

Rex Smallboy uses his songs to address the untold history of First Nations in Canada and uses this opportunity to open dialog to discuss Reconciliation and positive solutions toward racism, discrimination and equality.
This used to be all my land but now its not
Now the reservation is all I got
I’m caught up in a system that’s built to make me fail
It’s got half my people drunk and got the other half in jail
Oh well, I guess it was part of the plan
Genocide divide and conquer the Redman
You think that it happened in the way that they said
That was his story cause my story’s red
From the blood of my people that died when they came
To change my name and make me look the same
Cause I’m thinking about the devastation
Civilization’s assimilation had on my reservation
My Red Nation’s segregation, intoxication
All a complication of the situation I’m facing
Every day of my life and every night
I think to myself, this can’t be right

Verse 1 written by Rex Smallboy